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Researchers in the School of Psychology frequently need members of the public to help them with their experiments. These include studies in babies and young children, adults and in older individuals in whom we can investigate aging and associated neurological disorders. The types of experiments range from simple behavioural tests (using questionnaires or computer tasks) to studies of the impact of genes on cognition and brain function. Volunteers are able to choose what types of projects they might wish to be involved in. We value your child's safety and well-being. Cardiff University’s Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy is available here.

Please do feel free to contact us if interested in participating in our research, and click on the links below to find out more detailed information about current projects and volunteer panels.

  • Cardiff Community Panel. To support all aspects of research in the School, we have a community panel in which interested volunteers can register their details and be approached about ongoing projects in the School.

  • The Neurological Vision Loss Database. Researchers at Cardiff University are looking to identify potential research participants for studies of neurological vision loss (NVL). Not only do we recruit those with any form of vision loss, we also recruit healthy, normally-sighted individuals to act as scientific comparisons (controls).
  • The Cardiff Fertility Group. Studies here are aimed at understanding all aspects of reproduction, including reproductive health in men and women, optimising opportunities to conceive and advising policy making on topics in this area.
  • Development@Cardiff. The development group study how humans learn about the world from birth with the aim of understanding cognitive and social development. These studies also help with public policy, and the design of educational programmes for children.
  • The Experimental Management System (EMS) is an online resource in which Cardiff University students and staff can take part in our experiments. To be registered on the system, you will need to have a Cardiff University email address and be provided with an account allowing you to sign up for studies. Click here to register.
  • The Wales Autism Research Centre. Individuals working in the newly established WARC undertake multidisciplinary research aimed at identifying risk factors, helping diagnosis and developing intervention methods for autism.

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