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Research Grants - 2016-17

Aggleton, J, Isles, A, Sengpiel, F (2012 - 2019) Integrated Neuroscience PhD - additional funding. Wellcome Trust. £162,442.

Vanderwert, R, Rychlowska, M (2016 - 2018) Implications of pacifier use for the development of emotional competence. British Academy. £9,745.

Pidgeon, N (2016 - 2026) Centre for Climate Change Mitigation. Leverhulme Trust. £333,286.

Whitmarsh, L (2016 - 2018) Does one thing lead to another? Behavioural spillover in theory and practice. British Psychological Society. £3,000.

Good, M (2016 - 2019) Exploring ACE-2 as a novel therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease. Bright Focus Foundation. £158,274.

Boivin, J (2016) Design and Sudanese stakeholder feasibility and acceptability tests for the adapted Fertility Status Awareness Tool (FertiSTAT). ESRC. £4,531.

Lewis, P (2017 - 2022) Understanding creativity and problem solving through sleep-engineering - SolutionSleep. European Commission. £1,399,437.

Whitmarsh, L (2016 - 2019) Changing energy efficiency technology adoption in households. European Commission. £70,683.

Evenson, D (2016 - 2019) Public perceptions and understanding of unconventional gas development in Wales in the context of energy system change. COFUND. £203,198.

Dimitriadis, S (2016 - 2019) Dynamically networked brain - DyNet-BRAIN: A statistical machine learning approach to dynamic brain connectivity analysis for the extraction of dynamic and multimodal connectomic biomarkers for the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders. COFUND. £157,929.

Gruber, M (2016 - 2019) How anatomical connections within the reward network enhance brain function and memory: A multimodal imaging approach. COFUND. £185,094.

Isles, A, Humby, T, Wilkinson, L (2016 - 2018) Investigating the brain role of Setd1a in relation to schizophrenia and developmental disorders. MRC. £18,012.

Bristow, G, Capstick, S, Whitmarsh, L, Allan, S, Healy, A (2016 - 2017) Resilience in groundwater supply systems: Integrating resource-based approaches with agency, behaviour and choice in West Africa (RIGGS). NERC. £186,844.

Henwood, K, Pidgeon, N (2016 - 2019) CoastWEB: Valuing the contribution which COASTal habitats make to human health and WEllBeing, with a focus on the alleviation of natural hazards. NERC. £270,913.

Zhang, J (2016 - 2022) Free the mind: Neurocognitive determinants of intentional decision. Commission of the European Communities. £1,041,535.

Kolasinski, J (2017 - 2021) Putting somatosensation in context: Exploring the neuronal encoding of active touch. Wellcome Trust. £250,000.

Graham, K, Lawrence, A, Umla-Runge, K (2017 - 2019) Developing low-cost cognitive tools for effective dementia assessment in low-to-middle income countries. MRC. £581,870.

Culling, J, Grange, J (2017) Laying the path to novel cochlear-implant sound coding strategies for improved speech intelligibility in noise. Action on Hearing Loss. £5,000.

Kidd, E, Good, M (2014 -2018) Investigating a novel therapy for Alzheimer's disease in a model of amyloid pathology - additional funding. HEFCW, Welsh Government. £200.

Lewis, P (2016 - 2017) RAM Replay - additional funding. DARPA. £166,696.

Pidgeon, N (2015 - 2016) JPI climate: European perception of climate change - additinal funding. Symlog Institute, Universitetet Bergen, University of Stuttgart. £18,766.

Durance, I, Whitmarsh, L, Beach, T, Rezgui, Y, Healy, A, Munday, M, Ormerod, S (2016) Building resilience in the water-sector - a 25 year research agenda. Arup Group Ltd. £27,307.

Wise, R, Jones, D, Gray, W (2017 - 2019) An observational study of neurocognitive function in patients undergoing stereotactic radiosurgery at Velindre Cancer Centre. Velindre NHS Trust. £75,000.

Bott, L (2017 - 2021) Investigate the effects of using "healthy options" and "healthy menus" in cafes and restaurants on sales. Aneurin Bevan University Health Board. £6,000.

Robling, M, Waters, C (2017 - 2018) Establishing the impact of specialist home-visiting on children's language development and parent-child interaction. Wellcome ISSF. £50,000.

Haddock, G, Foad, C (2017 - 2019) Effects of mental representations of children on prosocial motivation. ESRC. £191,127.

John, R, van Goozen, S (2017 - 2018) The Grown in Wales Infant Study: Identifying early infant markers of ADHA. The Waterloo Foundation. £47,403.

Gray, W, Jones, D, Busse-Morris, M, Rosser, A (2017 - 2018) A device for delivering stem cell therapies to the human brain. Welsh Government. £74,812.

Whitmarsh, L (2017 - 2018) New methods and data for energy research (NEMDER). EPSRC. £2,191.

Shelton, K, Lynch, J (2017 - 2019) Knowledge Transfer Partnership. KTP with St David's Childrens Society. £171,655.

Zhang, J, Singh, K, Hamandi, K (2017 - 2018) Characterising alternations of neural dynamics in intractable epilepsy using neurophysiologically-informed models. Wellcome ISSF. £44,569.

Langley, K, Paranjothy, S, Thapar, A (2017 - 2018) Investigating the early adult outcomes of childhood ADHD: Establishing a Wales-wide sample. Wellcome ISSF. £47,712.

Wise, R, Chandler, H (2017 - 2018) Demonstrating clinical utility of a non-invasive MRI tool to map altered brain oxygen metabolism: proof of concept in epilepsy. MRC Confidence in Concept. £50,000.

Langley, K, Lewis, P, Thapar, A, Anney, R (2017 - 2019) Are sleep difficulties in ADHD an index of neurodevelopmental severity? The Waterloo Foundation. £57,539.

Tax, C (2017 - 2019) Exploiting ultra-strong gradients in multi-modal MRI for comprehensive assessment of white matter microstructure in the living human brain. Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. £139,200.