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Research Grants - 2015-16

Vann, S, (2011 - 2017) Importance of mammillary body connections for memory - Additional funding. Wellcome Trust. £125,563.

Jenkins, N, Pidgeon, N, Haddad, A (2011 - 2015) Transformation of the top and tail energy networks - Additional funding. EPSRC. £20,585.

Doherty, J, Singh, K, Linden, D, Owen, M, Van Den Bree, M (2013 - 2017) Excitatory-inhibitory balance in adolescents at high genetic risk of mental disorder: A study of cortical gamma oscillations and GABA concentrations in 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. Wellcome Trust. £14,775.

Boivin, J (2014 - 2015) Examining Japan's low fertility rate by implementing and analysing the results of a Japanese version of the Cardiff Fertility Knowledge scale which will be adapted using a rigorous procedure. The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation. £3,000.

Herron, J (2015 - 2019) Neural correlates of retrieval control in human episodic memory. Wellcome Trust. £219,932.

Chambers, C (2015 - 2020) The psychology and neurobiology of cognitive control training in humans. European Commission. £1,435,332.

Jones, DK (2015 - 2017) OCEAN: Once-stop-shop microstructure-sensitive perfusion/diffusion MRI: Application to vascular cognitive impairment. EPSRC. £53,509.

Pidgeon, N (2015 - 2019) Realising energy storage technologies in low-carbon energy systems. EPSRC. £229,318.

Walters, J, Singh, K, Williams, G (2016 - 2018) The impact of rare variants affecting gaba and glutamate gene sets in schizophrenia: An MEG study. Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation. £44,206.

Courtier, N, Hopkinson, J, Smith, A (2016) Feasibility study of a behavioural intervention to reduce fatigue in women undergoing radiotherapy for curable breast cancer. Tenovus. £29,754.

Wise, R (2016 - 2018) The UK7T network: developing the ultra-high field mri platform for biomedical research. MRC. £226,054.

Graham, K, Lawrence, A, Wise, R, Jones, D, Zhang, J, Filippini, N, Saksida, L, Mackay, C, Kordas, K (2016 - 2020) Characterising brain network differences during scene perception and memory in young APOE-e4 carriers: multi-modal imaging in ALSPAC. MRC. £1,775,718.

Lewis, P (2016 - 2017) RAM replay. DARPA. £39,018.

Rosser, A, Metzler-Baddeley, C, Busse-Morris, M (2016 - 2017) Exploring cognitive training as a non-pharmaceutical intervention for people with huntingtons disease. Jacques & Gloria Gossweiler Foundation. £94,714.

Gameiro, S, El Refaie, E (2015 - 2016) Sharing infertility experiences through comics: using comics to investigate and disseminate the infertility experiences of ethnic minorities in Wales. Welsh Crucible. £9,646.

Murphy, K (2016 - 2021) Assessing the health of ageing blood vessels in the brain using MRI. Wellcome Trust. £1,380,614.

Evas, J, Morris, J, Whitmarsh, L (2015 - 2017) Welsh language strategy: A living language for living. Welsh Government. £60,825.

Metzler-Baddeley, C, Buerki, A, Fitzpatrick, T, Wray, A (2016 - 2017) Propositional density as a predictor of future Alzheimer's Disease. Wellcome Trust. £24,000.

Hodgetts, C (2016) High-resolution 7T fMRI of human hippocampal subfields during scene perception. Wellcome Trust. £55,459.

Redmond, T, Singh, K (2016 - 2019) Changes in the visual cortex in glaucoma and their role in visual recovery: an fMRI-based study. Fight for Sight. £99,998.

Smith, A (2015 - 2016) An investigation of the behavioural effects of consuming an energy drink. £118,649.

Caterson, B, Wise, R, Birchall, J, Evans, B, Jones, S, Williams, A, Button, K, Sheeran, L, Sparkes, V, Van Deursen, R, Evans, S, Holt, C, Whatling, G, Aeschlimann, D, Blain, E, Duance, V, Mason, D (2016 - 2020) Arthritis Research UK Biomechanics & Bioengineering Centre. Arthritis Research UK. £2,000,000.

Pidgeon, N (2015 - 2016) JPI climate: European perceptions of climate change. Symlog Institute. £36,331.

Boivin, J (2015) Assessment guide - preparation for Adaptation - Sudan. World Health Organization. £10,455.

Lawrence, A, Jones, S (2016) Brain micro-and macro-structural predictors of inflammatory response to social threat: Defining brain-body pathways linking psychological stress to ill-health. Wellcome Trust. £40,888.

Button, K, Spasic, I, Smith, A (2016) Using qualitative analysis of patient blogs to inform development of automated measurement of self-care with text mining and sentiment analysis. Wellcome ISSF. £22,329.

John, R, Good, M, Isles, A (2016 - 2019) Ensuring quality maternal care in an adverse environment. BBSRC. £631,503.

Gerson, S (2015 - 2016) Action prediction via comparison: Eyetracking as a measure of the generalization of action understanding. Royal Society. £15,000.

Singh, K, Stathakis, S (2016) DPUK: Itegrated DEmentiA research environment (IDEA). MRC. £16,284.

Buehner, M (2016) Investigating the developmental origins of sense of agency and self-serving biases - Summer Studentship. Wellcome Trust. £1,750.

Rychlowska, M, Van Der Schalk, J (2016) Study visit to Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT). Wellcome ISSF. £4,550.

De Santis, S (2016) Study visit to EMRIC. Wellcome ISSF. £3,000.

Sumner, P, Boivin, J, Bott, L, Chambers, C, Williams, A (2016 - 2017) Improving health-related news through optimising press releases. ESRC IAA. £24,994.

Culling, J (2016 - 2017) Why do hearing impaired individuals obtain reduced benefit to intelligibility when speech and noise are spatially separated? Action on Hearing Loss. £2,000.

Smith, A (2016) The effects of fatigue on RNLI search and rescue operators. Royal National Lifeboat Institution. £44,908.

Leekam, S (2016 - 2017) Increasing awareness of potential signs of autism. ESRC IAA. £38,318.

Smith, A (2016 - 2017) Working Well 2. ESRC IAA. £33,630.

Pidgeon, N, Henwood, K (2015 - 2021) FLEXIS East. Welsh European Funding Office. £1,011,913.

Pidgeon, N, Henwood, K (2015 - 2021) FLEXIS West. Welsh European Funding Office. £400,192.

Hay, D, Leekam, S, Van Goozen, S, Thapar, A (2016 - 2019) Research Assessment Centre. The Waterloo Foundation. £287,778.

Isles, A, Aggelton, J, Sengpiel, F (2016 - 2020) Integrative Neuroscience PhD Programme. £682,283.

Singh, K, Freeman, T, Zhang, J, Walters, J (2016) Neurophysiologically-informed models and machine learning classification of task-driven and resting state oscillatory dynamics in Schizophrenia. Wellcome Trust ISSF. £38,601.

Perry, G, Barawi, K (2016 - 2017) Brain Games - Late. Wellcome Trust ISSF. £4,000.