School of Psychology News & events

Research Grants - 2014-15

Jones, DK (2014 - 2021) Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre II. Welsh European Funding Office. £4,578,474.

Graham, K, Kordas, K, Lawrence, A (2015 - 2016) Developing novel online cognitive tests of spatial perception and memory for use in UK population cohorts, starting with ALSPAC. Wellcome Trust ISSF. £24,000.

Aggleton, J, Isles, A, Sengpiel, F (2015 - 2019) Wellcome Trust PhD in Integrative Neuroscience Programme. Wellcome Trust. £250,585.

Wise, R, Driver, I, Beaulieu, C (2015 - 2016) Imaging the distribution of intra-and extracellular sodium in the human brain using 7 Tesla MRI. Wellcome Trust ISSF. £34,000.

Jones, DK, Robertson, N, Tallantyre, E (2015 - 2016) A detailed clinical-radiological correlation of disability in Multiple Sclerosis. Wellcome Trust ISSF. £17,000.

Lawrence, A (2015) University of Wisconsin-Madison Visit. Wellcome Trust ISSF. £620.

Warnert, E (2015) Leids Universtair Medisch Centrum Visit. Wellcome Trust ISSF. £3,750.

Teufel, C (2015) Hosting Naresh Subrmaniam, University of Cambridge. Wellcome Trust ISSF. £650.

Smith, A (2015) Working Well. ESRC IAA. £2,500.

Honey, R, Cohen-Hatton, S (2015 - 2016) Decision making at emergency incidents. ESRC IAA. £3,662.

Shelton, K (2015 - 2016) Removing barriers to deinstitutionalisation: Facilitating positive engagement of medical professionals in supporting children in care and children at risk of separation. ESRC IAA. £1,200.

Kidd, E, Thomas, R, Good, M (2015 - 2016) Investigating a novel therapy for alzheimer's disease in a model of amyloid pathology. Welsh Government/HEFCW. £24,372.

Jones, DK, Sengpiel, F, Lane, E (2015 - 2016) Hardware for the Brain Games. Wellcome Trust ISSF. £5,810.

Culling, J (2015) A comprehensive set of binaural room impulse responses for speech perception. Action on Hearing Loss. £1,600.

Gameiro, S (2015 - 2016) Design of a patient-lead e-Health psychosocial intervention to support people coming to terms with unmet parenthood goals. Wellcome Trust ISSF. £2,954.

Jones, DK, Alexander, D, Bowtel, R, Cercignani, M, Dell'Acqua, F, Parker, G, Singh, K, Wise, R, Miller, K (2014 - 2019) National facility for in vivo MR imaging of human tissue microstructure. EPSRC. £2,986,651.

Culling, J, Belcher, A (2015 - 2016) Novel applications of microphone technologies to hearing aids. MRC. £172,840.

Buehner, M, Hoerl, C, McCormack, T, Lagnado, D (2016 - 2018) Time and causality in cognitive development. The Leverhulme Trust. £160,396.

Haddock, G (2015 - 2018) The impact of mindfulness on values and attitudes. The Leverhulme Trust. £153,878.

Bradshaw, M, Pidgeon, N, de Best Waldhober, M, Fleischer, T, Hahn, J, Lis, A (2015 - 2017) M4ShaleGas: measuring, monitoring, mitigating, managing the environmental impact of shale gas. Commission of the European Communities. £59,250.

Buehner, M (2014 - 2015) Temporal Binding. Experimental Psychology Society. £2,500.

Hurt, L, Gillard, J, Langley, K, North, K, Southern, A, Williams, S (2014 - 2015) Improving care for children with autism in Wales: Understanding the perspectives of service providers. Welsh Crucible. £2,306.

Van der Schalk, J (2014) Social interaction: The interplay of pre-reflective and reflective processes. Volkswagen Foundation. £8,285.

Aggleton, J, Isles, A, Sengpiel, F (2014 - 2018) Wellcome Trust PhD in Integrative Neuroscience Programme. Wellcome Trust. £247,475.

Kapur, S, MacCabe, J, Murrey, R, McGuire, P, Howes, O, Rose, D, McCrone, P, Pickles, A, Talbot, P, Williams, S, Matthews, J, Deakin, B, Lewis, S, Emsley, R, Stone, J, Walters, J, Owen, M, O'Donovan, M, Pocklington, A, Singh, K, Lawrie, S, McIntosh, A, Egerton, A, Doody, G, O'Neill (2014 - 2019) STRATA - Schizophrenia: Treatment resistance and therapeutic advances. MRC. £244,608.

Linden, D, Wise, R (2014 - 2017) EEG neurofeedback as a treatment method for Parkinson's disease? NISCHR. £29,487.

Braungardt, S, Eichhammer, W, Pfaff, M, Schlomann, B, Walz, R, Schleich, J, Faure, C, Kranzl, L, Muller, A, Hummel, M, Borg, N, Laitinen-Lindstrom, T, Bengston, A, Whitmarsh, L (2015 - 2016) BRISKEE - Behavioural Response to Investment Risks in Energy Efficiency. Commission of the European Communities. £48,272.

Gray, W, Jones, DK, Barde, Y, Hood, K, Kerr, M, Morgan, B, Robertson, N, Busse-Morris, M, Crunelli, V, Dunnett, S, Rosser, A (2015 - 2018) Brain Repair and Intracranial Neurotherapeutics - the Wales BRAIN Unit. NISCHR. £54,197.

Gallacher, J, Deary, I, Graham, K, Williams, J, Allen, N, Marshall, C, Burn, D, Maxwell, R, Lyons, R, Matthews, P, van Beek, E, Perneczky, R, Ralph, M, Buchan, I, Ainsworth, J, Hooper, N, O'Brien, J, Chandran, S, Loveston, S, Wade-Martins, R, Mackay, C, Love, S, Warner, T, McKeith, I, Wardlaw, J, Livesey, F, Ward, C, Parker, G, Herholz, K, Gerhard, A, Jackson, A, Ffrench-Constant, C, Lawrence, A, Gerrish, A, Cowley, S, Rowe, J, Brayne, C, Carpenter, T, Aigbirhio, F, Fox, N, Hardy, J, Isaacs, A, Jones, L, Schiavo, G, Tabrirzi, S, Lloyd-Evans, E, Kemp, P, Montaldi, D, Buchman, V, Gunn, R, Newbould, R, Hallett, W (2015 - 2016) IDEA - Integrated DEmentiA research environment. MRC. £627,598.

Poortinga, W, Whitmarsh, L (2015 - 2017) The English plastic bag charge and behaviour spillover: A field experiment, diary study and secondary data analysis. ESRC. £37,293.

Watson, J, Anable, J, Barrett, J, Bell, K, Bradshaw, M, Darby, S, Eigenbrod, F, Ekins, P, Eyre, N, Foxon, T, Green, R, Gross, R, Halliday, J, Jenkins, N, Mazzucato, M, Pidgeon, N, Strbac, G, Taylor, G, Taylor, P, Webb, L, Winskel, M, Xu, L (2014 - 2019) UK Energy Research Centre - Phase 3. EPSRC. £279,988.

Pidgeon, N (2015 - 2018) Opportunities and Barriers for Transitioning Energy Use and Materials in the UK - The Role of Publics , Society and Decision Makers. EPSRC. £748,480.

Jones, DK, Assaf, Y, Chambers, C, Graham, K, Jezzard, P, Linden, D, Morris, P, Nutt, D, Sumner, P, Singh, K, Wise, R (2016 - 2021) Multi-scale and Multi-Modal Assessment of Coupling in the Healthy and Diseased Brain. Wellcome Trust. £4,953,467.

Wise, R, Jones, DK, Singh, K, Linden, D, Kauppinen, R, Graham, K (2015 - 2016) Ultra-High Field MRI: Advancing Clinical Neuroscientific Research in Experimental Medicine. MRC. £6,700,929.

Dwyer, D, Lopez, M (2015 - 2018) Generality and specifity in food learning: questioning the received wisdom. The Leverhulme Trust. £300,233.

Muhlert, N, Lawrence, A (2014 - 2017) Emotion regulation, immuntiy, memory and depression in healthy aging and in epilepsy. NISCHR. £372,999.

Pidgeon, N, Poortinga, W, Corner, A, Mays, C, Poumadere, M, Bertoldo, R, Renn, O, Scheer, D, Sonnberger, M, Arnold, A, Bohm, G, Tvinnereim, E (2014 - 2016) European perceptions of climate change: Sceptisism, energy preferences and societal transformations. ESRC. £262,559.

Jenkins, N, Pidgeon, N, Haddad, A (2011 - 2015) Transformation of the top and tail energy networks. EPSRC. £27,902.

Pidgeon, N (2011 - 2015) Centre for Nanotechnology and Society. University of California. £65,857.