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Research Grants - 2013-14

Jones, DM, Beaman, S (2014 - 2017) About distraction: Cognitive control processes in the service of distraction resistance. ESRC. £451,571. [Research Summary]

Brenner, E, Rushton, S, Rucci, M(2014 - 2016) Moving to see: the benefits of self-motion for visual perception. ESRC (ORA). £403,251. [Research Summary]

Deakon, B, Brookes, M, Singh, K, Gerhard, A, Hinz, R, Walters, J, Wilkinson, L, Freeman, T, Liddle, P, Macdonald, I, Morris, P, Palaniyappan, L, Talbot, P, Williams, S (2014 - 2017) Defining the disturbance in cortical glutamate and GABA function in psychosis, its origins and consequences. MRC. £925,580. [Research Summary]

Pidgeon, N, Whitmarsh, L, Jenkins, N, Pearson, P (2009 - 2014) Transforming the UK energy system: Public values, attitudes and acceptability - addition.  NERC.  £62,119.

Whitmarsh, L, Xenias, D (2012 - 2014) The acquisition of a car as a potential habit discontinuity - addition. Shell. £5,518.

Whitmarsh, L (2014 - 2019) Low-carbon lifestyles and behavioural spillover - CASPI. European Commission - FP7. €1,486,563 (£1,159,519) [Research Summary]

Shelton, K, Holland, S, Ottaway, H, Doughty, J (2014 - 2016) Factors affecting early placement success for adopted children. NISCHR. £248,403. [Research Summary]

Singh, K, Hamandi, K (2013 - 2014) Neurophysiological Markers of Altered Neural Networks in BECCTS. Waterloo Foundation. £26,037. [Research Summary]

Pidgeon, N (2013 - 2017) CO2 injection and storage: short and long-term behaviour at different scales. EPSRC. £146,560. [Research Summary]

Whitmarsh, L (2013 - 2017) The impact of hydrocarbon depletion on the treatment of cAarocks within performance assessment for CO2 injection schemes - CONTAIN. EPSRC. £298,689. [Research Summary]

Tomassini, V, Robertson, N, Wise, R, Jones, DK ( 2014 - 2017) Predicting the individual's potential for functional recovery in Multiple Sclerosis: a novel clinical and neuroimaging strategy. MS Society. £263,362. [Research Summary]

Leekam, S (2012 - 2014) Wales Centre of Autism Research. Welsh Government. £20,000.

Boivin, J (2013 - 2018) Global FertiSTAT: Adaptation of the Fertility Status Awareness Tool (FertiSTAT) for community health workers in developing and transistional countries. World Health Organisation. £15,315. [Research Summary]

Erichsen, J, Freeman, T (2013 - 2014) Understanding the basis for oscillopsia in nystagmus to provide a basis for treatment. Fight for Sight. £14,350.

Snowden, R (2014) Automatic Processes in Sexual Attraction. American Institute of Bisexuality. £36,476.

Jones, C (2013 - 2014) Social communication in autism spectrum disorder: The role of synchrony explored using computer pattern matching. Welsh Crucible. £7,351. [Research Summary]

Leekam, S, Erichsen, J, Millington, A, Clarke, A (2013 - 2014) Visual attention control in individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders. Wellcome Trust. £49,668. [Research Summary]

Chambers, C (2013 - 2014) Can GABAergic brain stimulation promote risk aversion in gambling? Wellcome Trust. £33,572. [Research Summary]

Wise, R, Murphy, K, Hall, J (2013 - 2014) Metabolic oxygen consumption: developing a non-invasive MRI biomarker of pharmacological action in the human brain. Wellcome Trust. £49,436. [Research Summary]

Muhlert, N, Lawrence, A (2013 - 2014) Optimising GABA Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) to elucidate the neurochemical pathways underpinning stress‐reactivity and impulsivity. Wellcome Trust. £46,786. [Research Summary]

Metzler-Baddeley, C, Jones, DK, Rosser, A (2013 - 2014) Effects of a novel drumming intervention on white matter microstructure and cognition in Huntington’s disease. Wellcome Trust. £69,769. [Research Summary]

Leekam, S (2012 - 2014) Developing a Policy Practice Hub. Welsh Government/ESRC. £215,000. [Research Summary]

Snowden, R (2014 - 2016) Treatment and outcomes of patients with a Personality Disorder. Pastoral Healthcare. £19,495.

Rushton, S (2013 - 2014) Walking glasses: correcting locomotive trajectories in patients with visual-spatial neglect. £10,830. [Research Summary]

Kidd, E, Good, M, Thomas, R (2014) Determination of the affinity of the potential therapeutic antibody for Alzheimer's disease, 2B3, for amyloid precursor protein. BBSRC. £5,654.

Jones, DK (2013 - 2017) Biomedical Imaging & Informatics - European Research Training Initiative - BERTI. European Commission - Marie Curie. €2,011,560 (£1,569,016).

Crunelli, V, Li, M, Aggleton, J (2012 - 2016) Generation and characterisation of cortical interneruons from human pluripotent stem cells - addition. Wellcome Trust. £21,729.

Crunelli, V, Gray, W, Aggleton, J (2012 - 2016) Modulating hippocampal neurogenesis to restore learning and memory in mesial temporal lobe epilespy - addition. Wellcome Trust. £40,569.

Crunelli, V, Hall, J, Aggleton, J (2012 - 2016) The functions of postsynapitic density proteins implicated in psychiatric disorders in associative memory formation - addition. Wellcome Trust. £38,873.

Crunelli, V, Hall, J, Aggleton, J (2012 - 2016) The role of MIR137 and its targets in associative learning - addition. Wellcome Trust. £43,865.

Parkinson, B, Manstead, A (2014 - 2016) Communicating appraisals and social motives (CASM): Interpersonal effects of regulated and unregulated emotion expression. ESRC (ORA). £396,756. [Research Summary]

Culling, J (2013 - 2016) PHD Support Funds. Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions. £39,900.

Aggleton, J, Vann, S, Sengpiel, F (2014 - 2017) Stimulus processing and cognitive control by the retrosplenial cortex. BBSRC. £554,000.

Metzler-Baddeley, C (2014 - 2017) How do individual differences in midlife adiposity and APOE genotype as risk factors for dementia affect brain structure and cognition? A cross-sectional MRI study. Alzheimer's Society/BRACE. £305,161. [Research Summary]

Sumner, P, Chambers, C, Boivin, J, Bott, L, Williams, A, Kitzinger, J (2014 - 2016) Improving public health through bringing the randomised controlled trial aproach to the interaction of academia and the media. ESRC. £247,164. [Research Summary]

Pigdeon, N, Demski, C, Corner, A, Capstick, S (2014 - 2015) Public pereceptions of climate change and adaptation responses in the immediate aftermath of the 2014 winter flooding. £198,308. [Research Summary]

Caterson, B, Sparkes, V, Van Deursen, R, Wise, R, Birchall, J, Evans, B, Jones, S, Williams, A, Evans, S, Holt, C, Whatling, G, Aeschlimann, D, Blain, E, Duance, V, Mason, D (2014 - 2015) UK Biomedical and Bioengineering Centre (Cardiff) - addition. Arthritis Research UK. £95,118.

Bardsley, B, Culling, J (2014 - 2016) Why do hearing impaired individuals obtain reduced benefit to intelligibility when speech and noise are spatially seperated? British Society of Audiology. £1,710. [Research Summary]

Langley, K (2014) A pilot study into the predictive value of CNVs and dysmorohic features to identify psychopathology in children with learning difficulties - Summer Bursary. NISCHR - CYPRN. £1,020.

McGonigle, D, Honey, R, Linden, D (2014) Tactile Automated Passive-finger Stimulator (TAPS). Cardiff University NMHRI. £6,000.

McGonigle, D (2014) The Lab of Neuroillusions. Cardiff University Community Engagement. £500.

Singh, K, Jones, D, Wise, R, Linden, D, Graham, K, Chambers, C, Sumner, P (2014 - 2017) CUBRIC 2 - Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre. Wolfson Foundation. £1,000,000.