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Research Grants - 2012-13

Henwood, K, Butler, C, Pidgeon, N (2010 - 2016) Energy Biographies: understanding the dynamics of energy use for energy demand reduction - addition. ESRC. £283,829.

Pidgeon, N, Hall, I (2010 - 2012) Climate change adaptation - addition. Welsh Government. £19,473.

Pidgeon, N (2011 - 2015) Centre for Nanotechnology and Society - addition. University of California. £25,806.

Jones, DK (2012 - 2019) Tractometry - New Investigator Award. Wellcome Trust. £1,788,305.

Singh, K, Hamandi, K, Gross, J, Kessler, K, Brookes, M, Morris, P, Henson, R, Barnes, G, Woolrich, M, Nobre, A, Litvak, V, Holliday, I (2013 - 2018) Building multi-site clinical research capacity in Magnetoencephalography (MEG). MRC. £1,458,686. [Research Summary]

Crunelli, V, Vann, S, Thomas, K (2011 - 2015) Understanding diencephalic amnesia: The effects of medial diencephalic lesions on hippocampal cortical function and plasticity - PhD in Integrated Neuroscience. Wellcome Trust. £27,925.

Crunelli, V, Aggleton, J (2011 - 2015) Visualising pathways for learning in the brain - PhD in Integrated Neuroscience. Wellcome Trust. £30,006.

Owen, M, Hall, J, Linden, D, Harwood, A, Crunelli, V, Li, M, Wilkinson, L, Jones, DK, Aggleton, J (2013 - 2018) DEFINE - Defining Endophenotypes from integrated neurosciences.  Wellcome Trust.  £5,234,319. [Research Summary]

Jones, DK, Singh, K, Wise, R (2012 - 2017) Dedicated Computing Infrastructure for the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre. Wellcome Trust. £668,226. [Research Summary]

Linden, D, O'Donovan, M, Holmans, P, Pockington, A, Zammit, S, Owen, M, Singh, K, Jones, DK, DaveySmith, G, Hall, J, (2013 - 2017) Behaviour and neurophysiological effects of schizophrenia risk genes: A multi-locus pathway based approach. MRC. £994,551. [Research Summary]

Sumner, P, Lawrence, A, Chambers, C (2013 - 2016) A framework and toolkit for understanding impulsive action. ESRC. £638,128. [Research Summary]

Manstead, T (2013 - 2014) Identity, socioeconomic status, and well-being: Does positively identifying with a group buffer the negative effect of low SES on well-being? ESRC. £105,437. [Research Summary]

Chambers, C, Verbruggen , F (2012 - 2016) Neural dynamics of response inhibition and gambling across the lifespan. BBSRC. £882,323. [Research Summary]

Smith, A (2013 - 2015) Model based cooperative and adaptive ship-based context aware design - CASCADe. European Commission - FP7. £454,450.

Hay, D (2012) Feasibility Study of Coding of Infant Assessments. ESRC. £34,889.

Wise, R, Gray, W, Tomassini, V, Hall, J, Evans, CJ, Murphy, K (2013 - 2016) Quantitative functional MRI: developing non-invasive neuroimaging to map the human brain's consumption of oxygen. EPSRC. £712,803. [Research Summary]

Whitmarsh, L (2012 - 2015) Empowering e-fleets for business and private pursposes in cities - eBRIDGE.  European Commission - FP7.  £146,629.

Brooks, S, Jones, DK, Rosser, A (2012 - 2013) A comparative MRI study to determine the effect of extensive cognitive training on disease progression in HD.  European Huntington's Disease Network.  £20,012.

Whitmarsh, L (2012 - 2013) The acquisition of a car as a potential habit discontinuity. Shell Research Ltd. £103,825.

Evans, L, Wilding, E (2013 - 2014) Psychophsiological studies into task-set inertia in switching paradigms. Bial Foundation. £36,364. [Research Summary]

Wilding, E, Evans, L (2013 - 2014) Dissociating familiarity and conceptual priming with event-related potentials. Bial Foundation. £36,364. [Research Summary]

Pidgeon, N (2013) The Climate Crunch.  ESRC. £20,838. [Research Summary]

Chambers, C (2012) The representation of psychology and health research in the UK Media. British Psychological Society. £3,400.

Gray, W, Jones, DK, Hamandi, K (2013 - 2015) Does fluoxetine restore spatial learning and memory deficits in patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy?  Epilepsy Research UK.  £148,522. [Research Summary]

Hall, J, Saxeena, N, Muthukumaraswamy, S, Singh, K, Wise, R (2013 - 2014) Understanding the mechanisms of sedation: Effects of GABAergic and non GABAergic sedatives on magnetoencephalographic visual gamma responses.  National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia.  £15,750. [Research Summary]

Xenias, D, Babatunde, A (2013) All for Water. Welsh Crucible. £3,978. [Research Summary]

Jones, DK, Chao, Y (2013 - 2015) Redefining brain network analyses: From macro to micro and hours to minutes. Royal Society. £11,827. [Research Summary]

Winn, B, Shelton, K (2013) Research exploring autism spectrum conditions, couple relationships, health and well being (REACH). REMEDI. £1,860.

Aggleton, J, O'Mara, S (2012 - 2013) Cellular substrates supporting the mnemonic functions of Papez' circuit. Wellcome Trust. £28,131.

Wise, R, Hall, J (2012 - 2013) Developing quantitative fMRI: A tool to measure cerebrovascular function in the human brainstem. SARTRE. £17,667. [Research Summary]

Leekam, S (2013) Children's ASD diagnostic services in Wales: Methods of diagnostic practice. Welsh Government. £42,116.

Graham, K, Wise, R, Lawrence, A, Williams, J, O'Donnell, V, Jones, S (2013 - 2014) Elucidating functional brain imaging biomarkers for risk genes implicated in Alzheimer's disease. Wellcome Trust. £68,208. [Research Summary]

Bright, M (2013 - 2014) Isolating vascular and neural components in functional neuroimaging. Wellcome Trust. £47,491. [Research Summary]

Sumner, P, Freeman, T, Rushton, S, Rajenderkumar, D, Hamandi, K, Derry, H (2013 - 2014) Improving rehabilitation of visual vertigo through understanding the visual triggers. Wellcome Trust. £12,152. [Research Summary]

Snowden, R, Gray, N, Erichson, J, Burley, D (2013 - 2014) In the eyes of the beholder – the use of pupil response as a measure of emotional processing. Wellcome Trust. £28.098. [Research Summary]

Sumner P, Chambers C (2013 - 2014) Using experimental psychology to improve science communication.  Experimental Psychology Society.  £2,500. [Research Summary]

Leekam, S (2012 - 2013) Chair in Autism and the Wales Autism Research Centre. Welsh Government. £20,000.

Pidgeon, N (2013) Welsh public attitudes survey. Welsh Government. £10,000.

Doherty J, Singh K, Linden D, Owen M, Van Den Bree M (2013 - 2016) Excitatory-inhibitory balance in adolescents at high genetic risk of mental disorder: A study of cortical gamma oscillations and GABA concentrations in 22q11.2 delection syndrome.  Wellcome Trust.  £153,510.

Leekam, S (2009 - 2014) Wales Centre of Autism Research. Autism Cymru. £170,000.

Chambers, C, Sumner, P, Boivin, J, Williams, A (2013) The role of journal press releases in shaping biomedical news reporting.  Wellcome Trust.  £3,743. [Research Summary]

Dwyer, D (2012 - 2013) Investigating the effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on visual perceptual learning.  Experimental Psychology Society.  £2,500.

Pidgeon, N, Corner, A, Pearson, P (2013) Abrupt Ocean Acidification Events. NERC. £150,545.

Hay, D (2013 - 2014) Emotion Regulation in Children at Familial Risk for Affective Disorders.  Medical Research Foundation.  £6,612. [Research Summary]