Ann Stevenson

Research group:
Social & environmental psychology
029 208 74007
Tower Building, Park Place

Research summary

My research, Climate Change and Transitions in UK Energy and Materials Use, in the Understanding Risk group (, centres round exploring perceptions and discourses on the circular economy and changed materials use among business decision-makers and other stakeholders involved with the Circular Economy.
In addition, I will be investigating what knowledge of public views might imply for their decision making and their perceptions of the risks and opportunities attached to developing new material products and services.
Traditional research on mitigation of carbon emissions and climate change has tended to focus on the direct consumption of energy, whilst the role that the energy embedded in materials and products might play in energy demand reduction has been far less well studied. To provide recommendations on how material consumption can be reduced to reduce energy demand it is important to understand how various publics and decision-makers will respond to innovative proposals for low-carbon product design, governance and use.
My research builds on and will feed into the activities of the Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (CIE_MAP

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Research topics and related papers

Encouraging and supporting SMEs to improve their resource efficiency (Shared Resource Efficiency Managers) - EV0548. Final report available from the Defra research website


EPSRC funded PhD

Research group

Social & environmental psychology

Research collaborators

Professor Nick Pidgeon

Undergraduate education

I graduated as Chemical engineer in 1989.

Postgraduate education

I completed an MSc in Environmental monitoring and assessment in 1994 and recently obtained a distinction on the PgDip Social Science Research Methods before embarking on my PhD in July 2017.


I have spent the last 25 years working in consultancy encouraging businesses to adopt resource efficient practices. Following an initial consultancy career as a risk and safety consultant for the chemical and nuclear industry, I became a programme manager and change management consultant on a range of government programmes including Advanced Fuel Cells programme, BIOWISE, Environmental technologies best practice, Envirowise, Public Sector Waste Minimisation campaign and innovation programmes before setting up the Welsh office of AEA technology (now Ricardo-AEA). In 2011, I joint founded an independent consultancy, The Environment and Sustainability Partnership (EandSP), focussing on reuse, resource efficiency in SMEs, food and tourism and textiles b efore coming back into academia.