Samuel Nunney

Research group:
Social and environmental psychology
029 208 74007
Tower Building, Park Place

Research summary

My research interests lie within the area of Social Psychology, in particular looking at intergroup activities. One specific phenomenon of curiosity is that of intergroup apology. In many intergroup conflicts the victimised group will often demand some form of apology, even though there is little willingness to forgive.  There is actually very little empirical evidence that would suggest a causal link between these apologies and forgiveness, raising questions about the function of intergroup apology.

This research does give the opportunity to enable investigation into the role of emotions and morality in intergroup relations.

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Research topics and related papers

Research Topics and Related Papers
I am interested in the following areas of research:

  • Intergroup relations: Conflict, apology, and reconciliation.
  • Infrahumanization
  • Morality
  • Primary and secondary emotions
  • Empathy
  • Exonerating cognitions


ESRC 1+3 Studentship

Research group

Social & Environmental Psychology

Research collaborators

Professor Antony Manstead

Professor Brian Parkinson

Undergraduate education

(2011-2014) BSc (Hons) Psychology (First Class Honours), University of Birmingham