Danlu Cen

Research group:
Cognitive Neuroscience
029 208 70365

Research summary

I am interested in how perception and memory can affect actions, and vice versa, how these relationships can be affected by disorders such as autism, dementia and Parkinson’s disease. I am also interested in how to apply cutting-edge Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies to address these research questions.

Teaching Summary

2014-2015 Postgraduate Tutor for Year 1 Psychology students

Selected publications (2014 onwards)


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Research topics and related papers

My PhD investigated how people use visual information and spatial memory in guiding their walking.

Currently I am working with Dr Matthias Gruber to develop a novel VR paradigm for investigating the role of curiosity in learning.

Research group

Cognitive Neuroscience, CUBRIC

Research collaborators

Dr Simon Rushton
Dr Seralynne Vann
Dr Matthias Gruber

Undergraduate education

2001 – 2005: B.Eng Biomedical Engineering, Southeast University, China

Postgraduate education

2012-2013: M.Res Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London
2013-2017: PhD Psychology, Cardiff University

Awards/External Committees

2013: Cardiff University Overseas Research Scholarship
2018: ESRC Wales Doctoral Training Partnership Post-Doctoral Fellowship


2018 - : Research Assistant, Cardiff University (CUBRIC)