Hasah Alheneidi

Research group:
Developmental and Health Psychology
029 208 76495
Tower Building, Park Place

Research summary

My research investigates the impact of information overload on well-being, specifically on teenagers. I’ll be comparing the impact on teenagers in two different cultures in UK and Kuwait.  Teenagers now are heavy users of internet and social media through their computers or smartphone. The importance of the research lies in investigating a hyper topic, the affect of the huge amount of information we are receiving daily from different information channels specially electronic on our wellbeing.

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Research topics and related papers

Information overload and psychological impact
Internet addiction


Civil Service Commission - Kuwait

Research group

Developmental and Health Psychology

Centre for Occupational Health Psychology (COHP)

Research collaborators

Prof. Andrew Smith (Supervisor)

Undergraduate education

2005-2009: BSC General Psychology, Kuwait University

Postgraduate education

2010-2012: MA Library and Information Science, Kuwait University


2010-2013: Psychological Researcher at Social Development Office – Kuwait