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The School of Psychology Ethics Committee comprises of members who have broad experience of and expertise in the areas of psychological research regularly reviewed by this committee. This breadth reflects different areas of psychology. There are two external members - one from an external department within the University and one external lay member. Occasionally, the committee may call upon other individuals if their expertise would help in the review of a particular proposal. All members contribute to the ethical review process.

To ensure independence in decision-making by this committee, any member involved in a study under consideration withdraws from discussion and deliberation. All projects are reviewed by the external members. Furthermore, the decision-making of the School of Ethics Committee is subject to monitoring and annual audit from the University Research Ethics Committee.

The School of Psychology, Cardiff University Ethics Committee is accountable to Cardiff University Research Ethics Committee.

What is our Mandate?

The School Research Ethics Committee (SREC) is responsible for ensuring that all research carried out in the School of Psychology has received the necessary ethical review. We are also responsible for the monitoring of ongoing projects and overseeing the suitable training of ethical principles for students and staff.

Monitoring and Complaints

Research carried out in the School of Psychology adheres to ethical practice. If you have been involved in research carried out by the School and have any concerns regarding practice and procedures please contact us.

What ethical principles guide our work?

In carrying out this review process we are informed by numerous ethical policies and guidelines. These are published by a variety of bodies but include:

Chair: Michael Lewis

Committee members:

S Claridge, T Crowther, U von Hecker, D Hare, T Humby, N Weinstein, L Wilkinson, and R Wise.

Ethics Secretary:


Researchers Area (password protected)